Trump’s tough policies for the USA and the world

Prioritzar l'economia del país per crear ocupació, mostrar-se fort davant els governs estrangers i limitar l'arribada d'immigrants són les prioritats del President Trump. (Saul Loeb / AFP)

Trump’s way of ruling clearly reflects his populist ideas and strong character

Well before being in politics, Donald Trump was already a very famous figure: he was successful in business, hosted TV programs, mingled with celebrities… but his fame was largely due to his strong personality.

Trump would express his opinion on anything, often without thinking of the consequences or whether this could offend somebody. As shown in this tweet about the former president, Barack Obama:

Now that he is president, his opinions have turned into facts. His prejudices against immigrants, his aggressive behaviour against some foreign countries and his lack of sensitivity towards the more vulnerable ones can now be seen in the American politics.

International conflict

When he was just a businessman, Trump had always proved to be very critical with the government’s foreign policy, which dialogued with countries that had previously been American enemies. The new president prefers a rather more aggressive strategy, which puts threat and intimidation first before dialogue.

President Obama came to a trade agreement with Iran, a country that had been enemy of the United States for many years. As soon as stepping foot in the White House, Trump cancelled this agreement accusing Iran’s government of collaborating with terrorists.

Another country he has strongly charged at is North Korea. Indeed, the president of the United States and the North-Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, hold their own war and threat one another.

Nevertheless, unlike other American presidents, Trump has began to approach the Russian government and its president, Vladimir Putin; although many wonder about the hidden interests that lie within this unexpected turn in relationships.

Finally, Trump withdraws his participation in the TTIP, an international trade agreement between the United States and the EU.

Some European sectors, social and ecological organizations criticized the TTIP since it benefited large corporations, yet Trump has decided to back down so as to concentrate on strengthening the American economy.

Good immigrants, bad immigrants

Immigration has been one of Trump’s government’s main priorities. His multiple racist comments on social media have lead to very strict immigration laws that limit entry of immigrants into the country.

Only 3 months after becoming president, he signed a law that bans the entry into the country of those coming from Siria, Irak, Iran, Libia, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen since they are considered countries whose governments support jihadist terrorism.

Also, there is the new migration law that allows to arrest illegal immigrant without having committed any serious offence and at the same time speed up their deportation.
During the election campaign, Trump used the term “Criminal foreigners” to refer himself to these very same people and justify his policies.

The latest subject of controversy took place during a meeting to define this law, where Trump compared the immigrants from acceptable countries such as Norway with those of other “shit-hole countries” such as El Salvador, Haiti or Sudan. Later, Trump actually denied having used those words.

Another of the most controversial decisions was that of building a wall at border between the US and Mexico to prevent illegal immigrants from entering and drug trafficking. Politicians, defenders of civil rights and NGO have criticized this measure. Trump boasted that it was the Mexicans who would be paying for the wall.

The planet, in the dark

Climate change is a global challenge. However, there are still people who believe that Global Warming does not exist, but say it is something renewable energy companies came up with to keep their interests safe.

Already as a successful business man, Donald Trump was one of those denialist who deny the existence of climate change. Just like he reassured in 2012 “ Global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive”.

Whereas Obama prioritized green energy development and declared new environment protection areas, Trump withdrew the US from Paris Agreement, what had been an important global initiative against climate change.

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